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The Polish Book has been translated into English waiting to find a US Publisher.
Manuel Rosa PlandChristopher Columbus Was Polish: New Book Shows Proof, Readers Say
WARSAW, Poland, May 17, 2012 - During the last few days Manuel Rosa, author of "KOLUMB. Historia Nieznana," a book published May 8, 2012 in Poland - translated from the Spanish book "COLON. La Historia Nunca Contada" - was a guest of REBIS in Poland. The book's main thesis that the "official history" of Columbus was incorrect has roused a lot of questions - controversies, but also lots of support for the results of the research made by Mr. Rosa. The idea that Christopher Columbus was a Portuguese-born noble of Polish origin through his father, Polish King Vladislau III Warnenczyk, who disappeared in Varna (10th November 1444), is very fascinating. Nevertheless, it is also quite revolutionary, so it causes, of course, a lot of doubts and questions. The best way to answer these concerns was to have Mr. Rosa visit Poland, where he remained for nearly a week. During his stay Manuel Rosa gave some 30 interviews to the media - from general TV programs and newspapers to radio, specialized historical magazines and portals, along with a Lecture in Poznan. "It is really a big success," says Boguslaw Tobiszowski, Chief Marketing Officer at REBIS Publishing House, the Polish publisher of the book, recapitulating the visit. "We expected some interest from the media and readers, but it was beyond our expectations; marvelous. People want to know the truth even when it turns upside-down all that the official history maintained as fact until today." Many skeptical points of view were crushed by hard arguments presented by Mr. Rosa, which were carefully collected during 21 years of research into the life of Christopher Columbus. His opponents, among them university historians, came to appreciate the gigantic work he has done researching the sources - books, maps and documents - and visiting all the places involved....
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Academics Assert Christopher Columbus Was "Portuguese-Born"
First Christopher Columbus was an Italian wool-weaver. Then they claimed he was a Jew. Now a new biography shows that Christopher Columbus was a "Portuguese-Born" Royal Prince

The Portuguese-born historian, who resides in the USA, was invited to present his research at the Portuguese Academy of History, May 16, 2012. It was standing room only as nearly 200 Portuguese historians, researchers and academics packed the Portuguese Academy of History to listen to the latest results of Rosa’s 21-year investigation. The focused debate soon confronted the often-peddled idea that the Genoese Cristoforo Colombo, a poor peasant weaver, could marry the noble Filipa Moniz in Portugal, some 15 years before his monumental voyage. Academics agree that it was not possible in Medieval Times for peasants to marry nobles and, facing that impossibility, the man who discovered America had to be a nobleman by birth just like his Portuguese wife was.
Facilitating their conclusion were other facts presented in Mr. Rosa's lecture, such as; Christopher Columbus did not know Italian because all his letters, even to Italians, are written in a Portuguese-flavored Spanish, Christopher Columbus wrote on March 1493 that Portugal was his “homeland” and a Spanish court document from 1487 was presented which describes Christopher Columbus as “a Portuguese.”

Convinced by Rosa’s presentation, the President of the Portuguese Academy of History, Professor Maria Manuela Mendonça, declared in an interview on May 19 to the Diario do Alentejo newspaper
http://da.ambaal.pt/agenda/?id=691, that, “Columbus was Portuguese. If he was not born in Portugal, then he had to have arrived in Portugal at a very, very young age” [to acquire the Portuguese language as his mother tongue.] This declaration contradicts the established history, which claims that the Genoese Cristoforo Colombo arrived in Portugal in 1476 at age 25, and, by hiding his peasant identity, fooled the court and married a high noble lady two years later.... Read more

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